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Nothing Says "Luxe" Like Private Elevators And Wine Storage

There has been a proliferation of tower cranes all over D.C., but the suburbs haven't been left out of this construction boom. In fact, their luxe projects are making D.C.'s look tame: today ground broke on The Lauren in Bethesda and the amenities in this 40-condo building sound tailor-made for people that have butlers for their poodles. Forget pet grooming studios and rooftop pools, 70% of the condos can be accessed directly by the elevator and all of the residents have access to private wine storage. What's more, 29 of the condos will be dubbed "premier" and those will be over 2,500 square feet in size. Take a look at the renderings and tell us that they don't resemble the lobbies of D.C.'s 18 essential hotels.

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