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Which Condo Under $420K Makes it to Your Knockout Round?

The city basically took an extended lunch break for that USA vs. Germany matchup, so let's keep the competition going with a Real Estate Death Match. Dupont Circle lost last week's Death Match against its formidable Logan Circle foe, but the competition was fierce so we're giving them another chance this week. Let's kick off Real Estate Death Match: Dupont Circle vs. Hill East!

Address: 1316 New Hampshire Avenue NW #308
Price: $420,000
Square Feet: 636
Beds, Baths: 1/1

This gorgeous one bedroom condo at the Hampshire House is on the corner so hurray for that extra large balcony. Also, there's no weird weight restrictions if you want to bring pets in, but this is the more expensive option. Also, it's about 50 square feet smaller than its competitor, but has more cool features within the condo itself, like its fireplace.

Address: 1391 Pennsylvania Avenue SE #326
Price: $399,900
Square Feet: 684
Beds, Baths: 1/1

Jenkins Row at Capitol Hill is right across the street from the Potomac Avenue Metro, but car owners can still take advantage of its garage parking. This condo is a little larger for a little bit less and in addition to its patio, it has a roof deck and fitness center that, as near as we can tell, Hampshire House does not.

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Jenkins Row

1391 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Washington D.C.,