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Use This Interactive Map to See How to Travel Faster in D.C.

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For those who still wonder why cycling features so prominently into the city's transit plans, this map makes it clear: from many parts of the city, it's actually the quickest way to get from point A to point B. This cool interactive visual from MIT Media Lab's You Are Here Project (who also brought us this lively map) gives a sense of how of when it would be faster to hop on a bike, and when it makes more sense to grab the keys. To try it out yourself, first click a point of departure. There will be a small walkable area in green surrounding that point, but then the map turns into a wash of orange and red with hints of blue. The orange parts of the map indicate the areas that are most quickly reached by bicycle, the red parts show the areas most quickly reached by car and the blue areas by public transit. By letting the cursor hover over any given part of the map, it's also possible to see how many minutes of driving or cycling you're in for.

It's also worth noting that the folks from You Are Here added in some buffer time for finding a parking space into the transit times for motorists which is why some of the numbers may seem a little high. It's actually very interesting how infrequently public transit shows up as the most frequent mode of transit considering how widespread and well-used the Metro and Metrobus systems are in D.C. The mapmakers used Google Maps Directions Services API and Washington DC GIS Program to gather their data and we played around with the map a little bit on our own. Head past the jump to see how quickly it will take to travel around D.C. from points in Shaw and Georgetown.

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