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The Woodley, From the Same People Who Brought Us The Louis

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The Woodley, the new eight foot apartment building off Rock Creek Park wasn't just developed by the same developer as posh Louis at 14th (now called The Louis), it was just purchased by the same team as well. JBG, U Street's omnipresent condo building force just sold this 212 apartment Woodley Park spot to TIAA-CREF who apparently has a thing for enormous luxe brick buildings. There are a few similarities between the two projects: both have grills on their rooftops, state-of-the-art gyms, and impressive pools. The Woodley doesn't have furniture in that pool or space on its rooftop for a movie screen, but it does have a catering kitchen and a pet grooming area, so the residents at Woodley Park's first high-end high rise will feel just as well-cared for.
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The Woodley