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Invertebrates in Crisis: National Zoo's Exhibit To Shutter

[Photo by Allison Crosby]

If you haven't gotten around to seeing the Kraken yet, better head over to Woodley Park tonight or tomorrow. The zoo announced on Monday that the Invertebrate House would be closed as of Sunday in a move that shocked just about everyone. No, the invertebrates (despite the Kraken) are not necessarily as popular as say, the pandas or lions or cheetahs (oh my!), but the reason the house is being decommissioned actually has more to do with the zoo's restructuring. Some of the invertebrates could potentially return within the next twenty years in the House of Biodiversity, but for now, they'll all be finding new homes. This is especially sad for those who got their spineless marine animal fix from this building since the National Aquarium closed last year.
· National Zoo Suddenly Closes Invertebrate Exhibit [Wired]

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