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What $2,800 Per Month Rents You In D.C.

The weekend is almost here, so start it off with Curbed Comparisons. The folks at Zumper have found places to fit your budget if the max that you're able to spend on rent per month is $2,800. If that number seems high, keep in mind that there are two and three bedroom options included in here, so roommates are welcome.

↑ This one bedroom rental at The Harper is the only place on this list where one person will pay the $2,750 monthly rent all by themselves. At least the rent includes the utilities that aren't cable, phone or internet (a.k.a. the ones that matter to people who are attached to social media). A parking space will be an additional $250/month.

↑ This two bedroom condo in a renovated Hill East home is good for those without pets who are willing and able to sign a twelve month lease. It's walking distance from Eastern Market and the washer/dryer is included in the 900 square foot space for $2,800/month.

↑ The largest rental Zumper found at $2,775 a month is this three bedroom rowhouse in Brookland. The home has a roof deck, an included washer/dryer and the ability to pull in two of your friends! Pets can't come here either.

↑ At long last, a rental off U Street where pets are kosher. This two bedroom apartment on 16th Street has a lot of natural light coming in as well although in an odd turn, it appears that one has to walk through the walk-in closet to get to the bathroom. The $2,700 per month also appears to include parking.