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A Michelangelo-Inspired Dome In This $14M Potomac Manse

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Potomac, MD is no stranger to pricey homes and adventurous architecture, but this behemoth is extreme even by those standards. The dome visible from the exterior already makes the home look like some sort of temple (or planetarium) and the interior of the dome hosts a hand-painted mural that would recall the Sistine Chapel if the imagery was more religious. It's more than a little believable that this nine bedroom mansion is the personal residence of David and Haleh Niroo of Niroo Construction, a firm that specializes in building and designing homes with Versailles-esque levels of decadence. So, of course this 19,700 square foot monstrosity will spare no expense. So for a look at very detailed wall carvings and a blue chandelier in the bathroom, take a look at the gallery.

· 9300 River Road [Estately]
· Niroo Construction [Official Site]