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Poll: Which Car Has The More Accurate Regional Vanity Plate?

[Virginia photo by Eli Christman; Maryland photo by Redditor Anonymous Hill Staffer]

Sometimes vanity plates are funny, usually they're forgettable but today, two separate ones came across the Curbed radar that each encompassed such spot-on regional humor. Photographer Eli Christman noted the irony that the owner of the car with the Virginia plate "TAXS2HI" actually had to pay additional money for that vanity plate. At least the personal property tax in Arlington County hasn't gone up in the past year. Meanwhile, this Maryland plate that says "HATE495" reveals a prevailing sentiment about rush hour (and even non-rush hour) Beltway traffic. One commenter says the humorous plate in fact does not go far enough but that there's not enough room for "LOATHE 495" and a few others suggest that "HATE695" and "HATE295" probably aren't far behind. Which one is your favorite? Vote after the jump.

Poll results

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