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D.C. United Council Hearing Likely Won't Stop For World Cup

Congratulations, D.C. You're potentially the only city in America where anyone would legitimately ask for a reprieve from a city government hearing due to a soccer match. The day of reckoning for the D.C. United stadium legislation is June 26th, when fans of the Black & Red will argue their case for a new stadium at Buzzard Point in front of the members of City Council. As it happens, the hearing is at the same time as the American men play Germany in the World Cup so Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans asked if a recess could be taken so that those in the hearing could watch. It's probably not going to work out like that, but at least Evans knows his crowd. The District is apparently the third most soccer friendly place in the country as evidenced by bars that filled up on Monday night. Even with many people squishing into those bars, the D.C. market had the most people in the country tuned into Monday night's game against Ghana. Maybe the Americans will come out on top against Portugal by some truly bizarre coincidence and the outcome against Germany won't matter anyway?
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