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How Much for this Townhouse in Columbia Heights?

It's a beautiful Monday morning for a Pricespotter, the asking price guessing game from Curbed. See if you can pinpoint the price using a handful of factoids about the place in questions and a few listing photos. Remember, cheaters never prosper.

What/Where: 3 BR/2.5 BA townhouse in Columbia Heights
Square Feet: 2,421
Homeowners Association Fee: N/A

See if you can stop drooling over the beautifully restored exposed brick in the living room of this turn-of-the-century townhouse long enough to notice some of the other subtle details. For one thing, the current resident really must like flowers if they're in the bathroom as well as on the dining room table. The kitchen actually goes directly out onto the patio, which then wraps around the corner. Also, one of the three bedrooms in this three story house is part of an in-law suite with a separate entrance. Go ahead and get to guessing!

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