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New Images Show Off The Atlantic Plumbing Project Interior

There's been lots of big news from the Atlantic Plumbing Project camp over the past few days. First UrbanTurf reported that the smaller 65-unit residential offering would become condos and not the rentals that had originally been planned. As of yet, there's no word on pricing, but then again, this project won't deliver for another year, so there's still plenty of time to figure that out. Also, it appears that the project's address of 2030 8th Street is featuring more prominently into the name. Although the entire two building undertaking had often been lumped together as the Atlantic Plumbing Project, 2030 Atlantic Plumbing is the official name of the 65-unit southern building that will house the condos. At least people will be able to find the movie theater easily enough now. Finally, there are new renderings. Look at these brand new renderings! The exterior look at resembles a glass lego building were released on Friday, but the images of the lobby and what appears to be a public dining room just popped up this morning. It's a shame the dining room rendering is so tiny. Nonetheless, look after the jump to see them all.

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