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Here's Your First Look Inside (And Above) Louis At 14th

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[All photos by R. Lopez]

After months of dominating the construction landscape on U Street, the massive Louis at 14th finally moved in its first tenants over the weekend. It will be some time before all 268 apartments will be filled, so Curbed took the opportunity to look around the mega-project while it's still relatively empty. While Curbed has no answer for the vintage-looking toy truck in the business center, the rest of these seventeen photos should answer the rest of your burning questions.

Easily, the most impressive feature of the new luxe project is its equally luxe roof deck. Above the building's eighth floor, one can find both stainless steel grills and fire pits surrounded by a wealth of cozy seating options. Additionally, there are iPod docks scattered throughout the for residents that revel in being the party's DJ. There's also a steel structure meant to hold a projector for outdoor films. If that wasn't enough, one need only head up the stairs to reach the rooftop pool. Yes, of course there are waterfalls going into the pool and yes, of course there's also a small aqua lounge wherein plastic furniture sits in the 6 inch pool of water. This is, after all, a residence named, at least partially, after a monarch known for his decadence.

The gym is also impressive. It's a little smaller than some of the two-story gyms of other luxury complexes, but it makes up for its size with its technology. The back room which houses yoga mats, exercise balls and a large television screen can become totally closed off from the rest of the facility if a personal training class or yoga practice is in session. Additionally, the video screens in front of the stationary bikes allow the user to pick the terrain or even race friends that are working out at facilities with similar technology.

However, the biggest head scratcher in Louis-ville is the price of rent. Not that anyone expected these rooms to be anything less than exorbitant, but the smallest rooms (under 500 square feet) start north of $1900/month and the priciest penthouse suite (shown in the photos below) will require writing a check of $9300 every month for the 1078 square foot space. Yes, really. Check out the rest of the gallery below.

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Louis At 14th

1920 14th Street NW , Washington, DC , 20009