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What $1,700 Per Month Can Rent You Around D.C.

If apartment hunting is a part of the weekend plans, now's a great time to check Curbed Comparisons. This week, the folks from Zumper helped find rentals across the city that will fit a given budget. Let's take a look at places that are available for $1,700 a month or less.

↑ For renters that don't have pets, this two bedroom apartment in Kingman Park might be a good call for either a pair or anyone looking to pick up a guest room. 750 square feet might be a bit tight for two people, but the kitchen is nice and roomy. The $1,675/month does not include the fee for a parking space.

↑ Although Georgetown is not in the most public transit friendly neighborhood, this $1,695/month one bedroom is right behind a bus stop. That said, this is totally a place that's worth renting for the neighborhood since the apartment itself is nothing extraordinary.

↑ It only costs $1,617/month to rent out a one bedroom in the Southwest's Capitol Park Tower. The other thing worth noting about this 668 square foot space is that it's possible to pay rent and utilities online.

↑ This luxe studio at Yale West Apartments clearly has the best staging of the group and with a fitness center and 24-hour concierge, perhaps the best amenities. Also, at $1,695/month, you can bring your pet along.

↑ Utilities are included in this $1,600/month one bedroom in Van Ness. Pets are allowed here too and this building has a social room and a billiards room.

↑ Another two bedroom is open in northeast and this time, it's a renovation in Trinidad. $1,625 a month will get 800 square feet and new hardware in the kitchen, but it won't get the ability to bring in any pets.

Yale West

443 NEW YORK AVENUE, NW, , Washington, DC