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Back in 1918, The Waterfront was Quite the Bustling Port

[Photo by Flickr user rockcreek]

Right now the Waterfront is in a transitional phase as the construction for The Wharf gets underway, but at one point, it was clearly utilized as a work space and not a destination neighborhood. This photo from 1918 demonstrates that shift clearly as it shows the Waterfront as a bustling port. However, that the generally quiet neighborhood was once a busy site of commerce is not so much an indicator of the changing times so much as the cargo, which is wood. Moreover the wood has been brought up the Potomac by sailboat. Also, according to a notation on the back of the original photography, the city if Washington consumed 17,000 cords annually at the time. However, it's still cool to see the Washington Monument standing in the background.
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Washington Monument

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