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Today's Chiller Plant will be Tomorrow's Condos at Navy Yard

Let there be change to the vacant land by D.C.'s Metro sites and let it begin with Navy Yard. WMATA's hunt for developers to re-invigorate the land they own by various metro sites has been more successful in some locations than others, but the hunt at Navy Yard is over. The partnership of MidAtlantic Realty Partners and CAS Riegler Companies bring 126 condos and 6,000 square feet of retail to Half & L Street SE. It's interesting that Metro would want to develop this plot of land as that's the current home for the chiller plants that keep the Waterfront and Navy Yard stations from feeling the rainforest-esque conditions that plague D.C. during the lousy summer months. However, the chiller facility will be integrated with this new project and Metro will use temporary cooling equipment once construction starts in 2016. Let's hear it for multitasking.
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