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Does This Georgetown Renovation Match the Halcyon House?

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How impressive is the renovation of this 1797 Federal mansion in Georgetown? Apparently, that depends on who's receiving the question. The owners seem to think that asking a whopping $11 million is an appropriate price for this 10,386 square foot historic property. In all fairness, it was built by George Mason's nephew, John Thomson Mason, with bricks imported from England and a more recent owner even nicknamed the place Quality Hill. But the lone commenter on Curbed's National coverage is decidedly unimpressed by the, well, quality of the update. They state, "This house has no character. Every room is generic. The bathrooms are the same old thing from Restoration Hardware. The staging is banal." Ouch. Take a look at the photos of the nine bedroom home after the jump and see if you think it should be asking the same as its equally historic neighbor.

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Halcyon House

3400 Prospect St, Washington, DC