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Want to see Center Fielder Adam Jones' Home? Here's a Video

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[Top photo by Christine Karns]

Does Baltimore Orioles' center fielder Adam Jones have anything extraordinarily wild in his Maryland home? Not from the looks of this video. As part of Coldwell Banker's Home Field Advantage series, Jones gives a brief look inside (or more honestly, just outside) the home he just bought last year. If there are any pottery studios, team swag rooms or shark tanks, they weren't shown as the camera mostly focused on his comfortable looking living room, outdoor pool and covered patio. However, Jones philosophy on owning a home seems to eschew any sort of excess. The San Diego native speaks of wanting a warm environment where he can keep his stuff and not worry about it and states quite plainly, "Just give me a nice couch, a nice kitchen and a big TV." Anyone else hope that Coldwell Banker heads to Jayson Werth's home next?
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