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Which One Bedroom Condo Conversion Could Convert You?

It's about time for Happy Hour, so get in the spirit a little bit early with a Real Estate Death Match. Last week, the fight stayed contained in Dupont Circle as two studios duked it out. The studio from Cavanaugh Court decimated its neighbor at Copley Plaza which, admittedly, didn't do as well in the listing photos department. This week, the battle makes its way to Northeast as two converted condos under $270K take a crack at each other. Welcome to Real Estate Death Match: Trinidad vs. Kingman Park Edition.

Address: 1227 Meigs Place NE Apt. D
Price: $219,000
Square Feet: 683
Beds, Baths: 1/1

The first obvious plus to the Trinidad competitor is the serious price drop in between this and it's Kingman Park competitor. It's almost unfair. Almost. The minimalist condo also has access to an enormous back deck and a off street parking space.

Address: 1609 Isherwood Street NE APT. 4
Price: $269,000
Square Feet: 657
Beds, Baths: 1/1

What's the tradeoff for being almost $50K more expensive than the competition? Let's start with those awesome French doors and open floor plan and go from there. This also has a parking space available although it's walking distance from the Stadium-Armory Metro, putting it closer to both H Street NE and Capitol Hill than the Trinidad competition. And no, this isn't the building that got messed up by the recent fire.
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