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Grammy-Nominated John Mayer Producer Selling MD Home

Much of D.C.'s famed musical output has been under the umbrella of go-go, jazz or hardcore, but if adult contemporary from ten years ago is more your speed, this house on the Eastern Shore may be of interest. The name John Alagia might not ring any bells, but the people that he has worked with on albums probably do. The three-time Grammy-nominated producer, composer and mixer has worked with the likes of such ubiquitous top 40 names as John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, Ben Folds Five and Jason Mraz. Now the house ninety minutes outside of the city where he helped those artists with their work is on the market for just over $1 million. The listing photos of the four bedroom home don't reveal any amazing sound equipment, but there is a very prominent piano in the living room. Plus, it's funny to think about the Dave Matthews Band sleeping in all of those tiny double beds.

· 28054 Oaklands Circle, Easton, MD [Estately]