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Why Develop A Corner When You Can Take Over Half A Block

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Thanks to the pesky Height Act, it's impossible to go big & tall in D.C. so developer JBG is just going wide. Incredibly wide. Washington Business Journal reports that they're filing applications to raze nearly half of the south side of U Street's 1300 block. That's not just the current Rite Aid building that will turn to ash, that's five current addresses and almost 19,000 square feet of space. To be fair, the massive Louis at 14th project takes up almost the entire 1900 block of 14th Street, so this is not new territory for them. Also, Rite Aid will continue to be a part of the retail-residential development along with 165 apartments and other retail options. The U Street Corridor is slowly turning into the JBG Corridor.
· JBG bids to knock down half of the 1300 block of U Street [WBJ]