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Bethesda's New Woodmont View Condos Look Fancy

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[Images via Duball LLC]

Downtown Bethesda's retail scene has been hopping for awhile, but their residential offerings are getting more exciting as well. Here as proof are some renderings, primarily of the exterior, of new luxe high rise Woodmont View Condos. This development on Battery Lane will join other nearby condo projects like The Fairmont and Element 28 in adding high-end living options to the landscape. No news of anything like Element 28's bicycle shop or wine cellar, but the residents of these 46 2-bedroom condos will be able to take the circular driveway to the front of the building. That should make taxi (and, let's be real, limousine) pick up much easier. Check out more renderings after the jump.

· First Look: New Renderings Of Ultra-Luxury Woodmont View Condos In Bethesda (Photos) [Robert Dyer @ Bethesda Row]