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A Large Group-Friendly Uber Option Has Arrived In D.C.

[Photo by Flickr user anotherpintplease]

The constant beef between the D.C. Taxicab Commission and Uber seems to have temporarily taken a bit of a breather, so that's as good of a time as any to deploy another Uber option. Until today, D.C. Uber users had their pick of four transit options: the classic black car, a taxi cab, an SUV or the smaller sedans used by hotly contested UberX. Now, there's an option called UberXL, which is a less expensive SUV service. This one is clearly being marketed to groups of people as the vehicles in use for this service (like the Toyota Highlander or Honda Pilot) can hold groups of up to six people. With a base fare of $4.00 and a minimum fare of $7.00, the rates for UberXL are actually closer to the UberX rates. This is to say, they're significantly lower than the rates for their premium SUV service. Plus, now you can hail one from Google Maps. Now, let the countdown to the inevitable backlash from the DCTC (or anyone really) over this new service begin.
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