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New D.C. United Stadium Photoshop Is Laughably Terrible

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D.C. United, the city's Major League Soccer team, has been trying to get its own stadium and leave rickety old RFK Stadium for years. After a lot of talk and proposals, some less successful than others, there's finally some progress on the issue. The team has been putting out some renderings of the proposed 20,000-25,000 seat stadium. Most look like what you'd expect, stands, luxury boxes, lights and so on. However, this one is a Photoshop nightmare.

The rendering shows the stadium during the day, presumably before or during a game. A random smattering of photos of people are placed around the image, looking in various directions, yelling, smiling at the camera and so on. It's as if the designer googled "pictures of whoever" then just randomly placed them everywhere. Some folks seem to hover above the sidewalk despite weird fake shadows while the lighting and perspective doesn't match between anybody — a faded our family stares into the camera while a brighter (and apparently much taller) couple floats in front of them and another lady happily walks straight into them. Some people are in actual shadows while others aren't. It's pretty funny to look at, and it's too bad that an apparently nice-looking stadium is marred by weird Photoshopping. They should have just put gray, featureless figures.
Andrew Wiseman
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