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The Silver Line Is Officially Under Metro's Control

Much of the metro area was still asleep at 5:30 a.m. when Metro reached an important milestone. They officially have taken control of the Silver Line from the Airports Authority. Even a few weeks ago, it seemed like this date, the Operational Readiness Date, might never come. Although Metro's board of directors will ultimately set up the official opening date, due to the ninety day limit Metro has for testing and training, it will certainly be no later than August 25th. So, the five new stations in Virginia — McLean, Tysons Corner, Greensboro, Spring Hill and Wiehle-Reston East — will be open before Labor Day. The next phase of construction for the Silver Line has already begun, although visiting friends and relations will still need to wait half an hour for the 5A bus to Dulles for awhile.
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