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Which Two Bedroom Space Under $625K Stays With You?

What better way to keep the adrenaline going after a warm long weekend than with a Real Estate Death Match? Last week's matchup was a nail biter, and ultimately, the U Street competitor from The Beauregard edged out the neighboring Shaw condo by four votes. Since Shaw competed admirably, they're getting another chance this weekend against another nearby townhouse. With prices capped at $625K, here's Real Estate Death Match: Mt. Vernon Square vs. Shaw Edition.

Address: 1132 5th Street NW
Price: $619,000
Square Feet: 1.003
Beds, Baths: 2/2

Looking inside, it's hard to believe that this renovated townhouse was originally built in 1890. The hardwood floors and bathrooms look brand spanking new. Additionally, there's a sound system built into the entire space. That's probably a given looking at all the flat screen televisions and gaming systems currently installed.

Address: 1525 Marion Street NW
Price: $624,500
Square Feet: 1,072
Beds, Baths: 2/2

Once again, Shaw's contestant this week is a relatively small row house. However, it's slightly larger (if slightly pricier) than the Mt. Vernon Square condo and it comes with its own fenced in backyard and patio. Also, with both an exposed brick living room and a glass tile backsplash, it brings modern flair to a home built in 1900.

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