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$3M Home Shows That "Custom Built" Equals Lack Of Restraint

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Well, that's one way for your home's entrance to, well, make an entrance. Because although turrets are the norm in some areas of D.C., most people that would choose to put a turret at that scale in the front of their house are either still in their princess phase or actually building some sort of memorial or Roman temple. Yet here's this brand new facade in Reston saying "I'm here and there's 19,138 square feet of luxe EVERYTHING behind me." Honestly, once the penchant for going overboard has been established from the get-go, seeing an indoor pool and hot tub and a fireplace in the kitchen is somewhat less surprising. Check out the rest of this eight bedroom, $3 million monstrosity after the jump.

· 11308 Stoneledge Court Reston, VA [Zillow]