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What $2100 Per Month Can Rent You Around D.C.

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If apartment hunting on deck for the long weekend, now would be a good time to take a look at this week's Curbed Comparisons. The folks at Zumper have found several rentals across the city that will fit a budget of $2100 per month or less.

↑ No, the cat doesn't come with this 1 bedroom apartment at Adams Station, but you can bring your own (or a small dog under 25 pounds) for an extra $35/month. The cozy 650 square foot space is modern and industrial with high ceilings and exposed pipes. Rent is an even $2100/month, but there's a $50 application fee and if you want parking, that'll be an extra $200/month. And if you're a smoker, might as well look elsewhere.

↑ Elsewhere in Adams Morgan, there's this one bedroom at certified historic building, The Policy. No caveats on the size of the dog or cat allowed in here and there's extra bike storage included in the $2100/month.

↑ This one bedroom at The Wardman is a little tiny at 550 square feet, but it's located in the nightlife sweet spot between Dupont, U Street and Adams Morgan. $2050/month won't get you any parking love (it's all street parking out here) and pets are not kosher, but your apartment will have its own fireplace.

↑ So, the condo building is called Trilogy NoMa, even though the building is in Eckington and the available floor plan is a 735 square foot bedroom called The Dupont. Confusing titles aside, for $2078, you can live in a building with its own outdoor pool and its own communal entertaining room (complete with pool table).

↑ For those who would rather live on Wisconsin Avenue, this one bedroom at The Regency is open for $2100/month. Like most of the other apartments on this list, it's a little cozy at 611 square feet and sadly, the pets are not allowed. But there's a private balcony which should count for something on nice days like today.

↑ In order to live in West End for $2090/month, you'll be stuck in a studio, but at 550 square feet, this spot at The Atlas is about as large as some comparable one bedroom apartments. It's partially furnished (although who knows with what) and the building includes a fitness center.

Trilogy at NoMa

151 Q Street, NE, Washington, DC