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Feel Like A Real World Cast Member In Shaw Loft

[Photos courtesy of TTR Sotheby's]

Living in this gigantic 2900 square foot loft probably won't give anyone the urge to stop being polite and start acting like a mindless young twenty-something, but this loft is of the same lineage as a famed reality television abode. The Lafayette was designed in by architect George S. Cooper, the same man who designed the Dupont Circle brownstone house at 2000 S Street NW, once inhabited by the cast of The Real World D.C.. There are no hidden cameras or confession chambers in this large three bedroom condo, but there are multiple exits, three in fact, from the first floor alone. Also, the luxe bathroom with granite walls seems fit for a television star. Ask is $840,000 and there's a condo fee of $900/month.

· Dupont Circle Brownstone [Real World Houses]