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Buy Chris Cooley's $2.39M Manse, Complete With Pottery Studio

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[Photo of Chris Cooley by Keith Allison]

Considering that former Washington Redskins tight-end Chris Cooley picked up the nickname Captain Chaos, the Leesburg mansion that he just put on the market isn't terribly wild. There's no shark tank a la former Wizard Gilbert Arenas and although there are a few framed 'Skins jerseys on the wall, there's no crazy memorabilia room along the lines of Ray Lewis' old place. But since the record-setting player took up pottery and actually owns an art gallery in Leesburg, the 13,054 square foot home includes a rather large pottery studio which stands out amidst the six bedrooms and gorgeous cherry hardwood floors. Take a look at the home theatre, luxe bathroom and other amenities that have led to the asking price of $2.39 million.

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