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Google Search Trends Reveal Maryland Is Baffled By Twitter

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[Photo by Adam Fagen]

Browser search history can be embarrassing at worst and innocuous at best, but it can also reveal a great deal about a person or a group of people. So what does it say about Maryland that one of their most frequent searches as a state is "What Is Twitter?" Is The Free State really that baffled by technology? Another indicator that Marylanders might be stuck in the past: another frequently searched item is David Hasselhoff. Google data reveals the unsurprising fact that people in the District are obsessed with politics: Congressional Investigation, Lobbyist Jobs, C.I.A. are among the city's top searches. However, at least those and Maryland's frequent searches for Crabs, House of Cards and the National Football League seem culturally and geographically appropriate. Why do Virginians spend so much time Googling Farmville, Che Guevara and Barney and Friends? See the full list of D.C., Virginia and Maryland's top Google searches after the jump.

VIRGINIA: "Barney and Friends" (TV show), Blackeyed Peas (music group), Che Guevara, Evolution, Farmville, Shakira (singer)

MARYLAND: Crabs, David Hasselhoff, "House of Cards" (TV show), Kickball, National Football League, Skate or Die, What is Twitter?

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Congressional Investigation, Lobbyist Jobs, C.I.A., Hilary Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Republican Party, Democratic Party
· You Can Learn A Lot About America From Each State's Internet Search History [Estately]