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Who Knew A Former Tobacco Warehouse Would Cost $3.35M

Also, who knew that such a property could be turned into a rather modern looking four bedroom home? Yet, here in Alexandria, there's a four bedroom home that had been built in 1780 for use as a tobacco warehouse. Unlike many warehouse-turned-condos in more urban settings, there's not but so much (other than the boxy exterior) serving as an indicator of this home's former life. Yes, there are exposed wooden beams and some exposed bricks near the fireplace, but chances are that as a warehouse, this building didn't have multiple floors and four bedrooms. Also, this 5,835 square foot building has been reformatted to include a rather large solarium and more than enough storage for books. Plus, should any regular tobacco users decide the house is perfect for them, that brick terrace is a rather inviting spot for a smoke break. Take look inside the $3.35 million home below.

· 2 Swifts Alley Alexandria, VA [Estately]