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In Which One Bedroom Condo Would You Hang Your Jacket?

The best way to follow up a 14 inning baseball game is with a sunny afternoon Real Estate Death Match. In last week's match, yet another condo in The Rhapsody on U Street came away with the V. We're giving another building on the same corridor a chance this week as we lower the maximum price point just a bit for Real Estate Death Match: Shaw vs. U Street Edition.

Address: 1806 6th Street NW #202
Price: $359,555
Square Feet: 750
Beds, Baths: 1/1

Although this space is in uber-walkable Shaw, there's still an assigned parking space should your job take you out into the 'burbs. Also, you can bring your pet into this slightly smaller (but slightly cheaper!) one bedroom. This isn't going to have the building amenities of the U Street option as that's in an actual apartment building and not an adapted condo project, but with only four units, you'll also get some more privacy.

Address: 2100 11th Street NW #G06
Price: $374,000
Square Feet: 762
Beds, Baths: 1/1

Ignore the ugly rug for a second and focus on the fact that this condo is in The Beauregard. It's one block away from the U Street metro, so people will have no trouble stumbling to and from those milkshake parties the all-purpose billiard room. Additionally, if you want a larger patio than the one attached to the unit, there's a roof deck.

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