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Kabillionaires, There's A New Luxe Condo Option In Georgetown

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[Renderings courtesy of Eastbanc]

Condo hunters looking for an option on the Georgetown waterfront will have a brand spanking new option come this fall. In fact, sales for developer Eastbanc's luxe 1055 High overlooking the C&O Canal have just begun today. So, who might be looking for a space at 1055 High (other than someone with a huge pile of money)? Probably families since all seven of the condos are either three or four bedroom options. Also, stroller storage is one of the included amenities. Some of the others include private terraces, a heated outdoor pool, a landscaped roof deck and canal views for everyone. But one does not get these for cheap. Pricing for 1055 High starts at $3 million and goes as high as $5 million. Then again, the smallest condo is a 3 bedroom option at 3,300 square feet. At least everyone else can enjoy ogling these renderings.

· 1055 High [Official Site]