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This Statue In Front Of The Majestic Celebrates An Inventor

[Photo by Flickr user NCinDC]

D.C. has no shortage of bronze memorials, but most do not shine quite as brightly as this one in front of the Majestic Apartments at 16th & Lamont Street NW. In fact, this statue celebrating Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi is on the National Register of Historic Places despite its remarkably fresh appearance. This homage to the man credited as the inventor of radio was designed by sculptor Attilio Piccirilli only three years after the inventor's death. Indeed, the woman on the globe behind the bust of Marconi is positioned thus to represent a wave, a clear nod to radio waves. Although this might be seemingly more well-placed in front of one of D.C.'s terrestrial radio stations, most of those (NPR, WAMU, Radio Pacifica) have changed locations within the past few years, so who knows where they were located in 1940. Which is to say, place that information in the comments if you have it.
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