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It Cost One Man $500 To Royally Piss Off The Purple Line

$500 for a fence? That's how much Ajay Bhatt, president of the citizens group Friends of the Capital Crescent Trail was fined two months ago when his neighbor noticed that Bhatt's backyard fence sat in the middle of the proposed Purple Line path and complained. Bhatt claims that the fence, which is right next to the Capital Crescent trail (and yes, 14 feet past where his property actually ends) has been past the property line until 1977. Bhatt also told The Washington Post that he felt singled out for his anti-Purple Line stance, saying that several other fences and sheds also sit on the edge of the trail and have not been fined. "I didn't expect to prevent a Purple Line with a fence," he said. Silliest Purple Line controversy yet? Construction for the The Purple Line is not due to start for another year.
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