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This Is The Worst Possible Reason To Report A Pothole

[Photo by Wayan Vota]

In an attempt to cleverly promote asphalt fixer-upper campaign Potholepalooza, the D.C. Government Operation's Twitter account took on the always-serious issue of in-car makeup application in a tweet early this morning:

"Potholes preventing you from putting on your mascara while driving to work? Tweet us the location #Potholepalooza @DDOTDC"

Perhaps appealing to local drivers' bad behind-the-wheel habits is not the best way to get them to report potholes. They have since deleted the offending tweet but luckily DCist editor-in-chief Sarah Anne Hughes embedded it on her own feed before its disappearance from the Internet ether, so read it for yourself after the jump. Potholepalooza, a local government campaign wherein anyone who reports a pothole via the internet or telephone will see the irritating hole in the road fixed within 72 hours, continues through May 9th.

· Potholepalooza 2014 [DDOT]