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What $2600 Per Month Can Rent You Around D.C.

It's the first of the month, which is just as good a time as any (or perhaps the best time) for Curbed Comparisons. With the help of the fine folks at Zumper, we've found a handful of available rentals to fit your budget, if your budget happens to be $2600/month (or less).

↑ If the $2600 rent will be split amongst two people (or if one person really wants a guest bedroom), there's an 887 square foot two bedroom apartment at Avalon First & M in NoMa available for $2550/month. This is the building visible from the NoMa metro that has the distinctive wavy exterior walls.

↑ There are plenty of studios available in the Archstone Dupont building for less, but this 750 square foot one bedroom speaks to the renter that needs more space and has $2500/month to spend on it. This building also boasts environmentally friendly appliances and finishes for those eco-conscious renters.

↑ This two bedroom basement apartment just south of U Street is the largest one in this price range at 980 square feet. Rent is $2595/month but for an extra $55/month, garage parking is available. Also, depending on the type of pet, they may be able to come along, too. The landlord is looking to sign at least a twelve month lease.

↑ At 961 square feet, this two bedroom apartment at Camden South Capitol is also rather large. For the odd price of $2553/month, the renter will have access to concierge service, a fitness center and outdoor pool. Also, this is walking distance from Nationals' Park. Smokers should stay away, though.

Camden South Capitol Apartments

1345 S Capitol St SW , Washington D.C., DC 20003