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Own Brit Hume's $1.925M Chunk Of The Virginia Mountains

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A tipster informed Curbed that Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume is looking to unload his massive private estate located, hilariously enough, in Hume, VA. The real selling point of this property is that it sits on nearly 72 acres of land, which is the sort of privacy that might certainly appeal to a nationally renowned talking head. In fact, a photo of a pond and mountain view on the land serves as the header photo for his Twitter account. The four bedroom house itself has some gorgeous luxe touches like exposed wooden beams, a gourmet kitchen and a chandelier over the bathtub. That said, don't expect the $1.925 million house to have loads of ready-for-television decor. There's a heavy reliance on gingham furniture and old-fashioned looking wallpaper. Have a look.

· 5503 Washwright Road Hume, VA [Chris Colgan]