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Where Is Your Metro Train? Follow These Hovering Dots

Welcome to the most visually fun way to find out just where the hell the train is. Sure, there are a few apps that will let you know the time frame in which a train or bus is arriving and there's even one angry, cursing-heavy website that will mention how, um, screwed the various metro lines might be at any given time. But this interactive map tool called TRAVIC (Transit Visualization Client) courtesy of The University of Freiberg and geOps gives the exact location of the metro trains on their paths in real time. There are even helpful color coded dots which is useful for those parts of the system that serve multiple lines. This feed is available for 76 different transit systems, so if you are traveling to say, Los Angeles or Chicago, it's available for those transit systems as well. Give it a shot.
· TRAVIC Traffic Visualization Chart [geOps]