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Pennsylvania Avenue Traffic In The 1920s: Worse Than Today?

[Photo via Flickr user rockcreek]

D.C. is well-renowned for its miserable traffic. In studies looking at everything from commute times to road rage to frequency of accidents, the District seems to hover near the top. However, if this photo of Pennsylvania Avenue from the 1920s is any indication, District residents can at least be thankful for a few improvements. Yeah, it's cool to see the old streetcars in action (and to note that one has traveled northwest from Navy Yard) but seeing the cars driving around them with no semblance of lanes is kind of terrifying. Then, to bump the horror up a notch, there are not only people in the median waiting for said streetcars, but several others walking in front of the moving lanes-be-damned cars on Pennsylvania Avenue. Wow.
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