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Housing Authority's Massive Wait List Overhaul Begins Now

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As of today, D.C. Housing Authority (DCHA) headquarters isn't the only thing that's getting an overhaul. In the past year, the government agency has not accepted any new applicants for their housing assistance wait list which is already a mile long. But in the next 100 days, the Housing Authority will reach out to everyone on that wait list to confirm that they still need housing assistance. That's no small order as there are over 72,000 families on that list and only 11,500 of those have confirmed with DCHA within the past year that yes, they are still in need of housing assistance. Ultimately, DCHA Executive Director Adrianne Todman hopes that overhauling this list will simplify the process.

"Our goal in reengineering is simple: to make the list easier to manage for the agency so that we may set realistic expectations for our clients as to how long it will take to get housed." she says.

Part of this campaign will also allow those families to make changes to the application which could make a difference in how quickly they are placed. Factors such as disability, family size and current living situation can all play into how quickly wait listed families receive placement. But Christy Goodman who organizes Public Affairs & Communications at the D.C. Housing Authority says that the agency is prepared.

"This has been a very extensive and carefully plotted campaign that we're about to roll out."

Goodman also recognizes that the contact information that DCHA has on file may not be current and encourages people on the waitlist who may have moved around to contact DCHA either online or over the phone at 202.535.1000.