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Where To Rent (Now That College Students Have Vacated D.C.)

Graduation season is upon us and that means a large group of students will be forced to leave the area unless they find a job or an internship. Several leases have expired for underclassmen as well, so that means a wealth of great (and not-so-great) living options have popped up on Craigslist in the vicinity of D.C.'s many universities. No wants to go back to their parents' house, but both the recent graduates and those who have left matriculation in the distant past might be on the hunt for a place to live in Brookland or Georgetown so here's a list of a few recently available apartments (that don't suck!) in collegiate neighborhoods.
Rohan Mahadevan

↑ Sick of roommates? Well, this one bedroom condo located in the Glover Park area, is the perfect first apartment out of college. Available June 15th, this $1800/month condo sports an updated kitchen and a large living space which is perfect for entertaining your friends that still go to Georgetown.

↑ If you are sticking around Tenleytown, this $1875/month junior one bedroom is a perfect place to rest your head. Across the street from shopping and dining, the apartment is in a well-maintained building with tons of amenities. Everything is up to date, so you can forget about those dorm appliances from the 1980s.

↑ The Brookland area has been getting more and more livable as shops and restaurants move in the area. If you are looking to stay close to Catholic University, this relatively affordable $1400/month one bedroom is in a great location and offers amenities like stainless steel appliances, a washer dryer and an ADT alarm system.

↑ If you are sticking around George Washington University as an intern or are looking to set up shop on your own in Foggy Bottom, this $1700/month studio should fit the bill. The upgrades are modern, and the unit is located only a block from the metro. The complex is comprised of many graduate students so it has some of the touchstones of college life but with extra peace and quiet.

↑ The most affordable rental on the list is also the biggest. You just graduated, so why not splurge $1250/month for a whole three bedroom main level of a house! Located in the quiet Berwyn Heights neighborhood of College Park, the main level features 3 bedrooms as well as a washer dryer, and a dishwasher. As an added bonus there is a deck with a large back yard. Down the line it might be possible to rent the entire house for only $1900/month, so get in now because this is a steal!

George Washington University

2121 I Street NW, Washington, DC 20052 Visit Website

American University

4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20016 202 885 1000