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Wizards Fans May Rule D.C., But Alexandria Is Lakers Turf

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The Washington Wizards' performance last night ensured them at least one more game in the NBA playoffs and simultaneously allowed the city breathe a sigh of relief. Although the Wizards are just now living up to their potential after several years without a playoff berth, this interactive map (which utilizes Facebook data) demonstrates that this year has been enough to gain/recoup Wizards fans. Almost every zip within the District, (darn you, Takoma!) shows that at least 20% of the population "likes" the Wizards on the social network. However, head up into Alexandria or much of Maryland, and the landscape is dominated by Lakers fans. There are also plenty of Celtics and Heat fans in the DMV depending on the neighborhood. Take a look at the gallery and see the trends illuminated by this cool map.

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