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How Much For This Three Bedroom Row House In Hill East?

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Get those wheels turning this Monday with Pricespotter, Curbed's asking price guessing game. The context clues are all here: size, location and a few listing photos. Use those clues and put a guess into the comments section. No cheating!

What/Where: 3 BR/2 BA condo in Hill East
Square Feet: 990
Homeowners Association Fees: N/A

This row house on the Hill may have been built one hundred years ago, but these renovations are much more recent. That kitchen, while nothing luxurious or jaw-dropping is clearly new and the built-in bookshelves are showing off the current owner's art collection nicely. Also, 'tis the season where that cozy back patio and front porch can actually get some use. Plus, there's clearly ample room for guests with that enormous basement bedroom. Now, guess away.

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