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This MD Home Was An Alleged Underground Railroad Stop

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The nature of the Underground Railroad, the network of people in the decade or so prior to the Civil War that snuck slaves into Canada, is one of secrecy. As such, there's no hard proof that this four bedroom house on Woodhaven Road was actually an Underground Railroad stop, but that's what's widely believed. For one thing, the home was built in 1857, which means that it was around during the height of the network's activity. Also, while there were several escape routes, and many of the most notable led through midwestern states like Ohio and Illinois, the East Coast had safe houses as well and one documented route snaked north from Washington. With that in mind, perhaps it makes more sense that the listing photos for this home are shadowy and dark. Ask is $1.395M.

· 8104 Woodhaven Boulevard Bethesda, MD [Estately]
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