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Massive West End Development Will Now Include Squash Courts

[Rendering via Eastbanc]

Confession time: at no point during the New Year's Resolution-fueled chronicling of D.C.'s yoga studios, crossfit options or healthy neighborhoods did availability of squash courts ever enter the search consideration. But don't worry, squash fans, Eastbanc president Anthony Lanier is looking out for you and plans to break ground on a squash training facility called Squash on Fire (yes, really) this fall. Squash on Fire is actually taking over management of the squash program at Sports Club/LA before opening up their own facility as part of the larger EastBanc project that includes the West End Library renovation and the old Fire Station residences. In fact, the $12 million, 20,000-square-foot center featuring eight squash courts and a restaurant will sit above the former fire station. It's a cool opportunity for the city's racquet players, although the idea of seeing the words "Squash On Fire" in a gigantic font over M Street is a bit unsettling as the name sounds a little too much like this lousy Kings of Leon song.
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