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See How D.C. Has Changed Via Old Google Street View Photos

D.C. has changed. That's not just a Dave Chappelle bit, that's architectural fact. Even in the seven years since Google has started photographing the world for their Google Street View function, old buildings have seen new life, landmarks have met the wrecking ball and new projects have risen from the dirt. Now, Google gives you the opportunity to flip back at those snapshots of the city. Click on the top in the upper lefthand corner when you're in Google Street View and you'll be able to flip through older photos from that location in their archives. It's like a yearbook, but far less embarrassing. Take a look at some notable changes after the jump.

The 400 block of H Street NE in 2007 before the addition of the streetcar tracks and then again in 2013 courtesy of Flickr user joseph a.

This Spanish market in 2007 is the site of Union Market today. Tom Bridge takes another photo in 2012.

Even as recently as 2011, 14th & U was home to a KFC and Taco Bell. Now Elvert Barnes captures the Louis at 14th construction in 2013. Today it looks remarkably like its renderings.

For years (and in this case in 2009), a Greyhound Station was a NoMa institution. Joe Warminsky notes that as of late last year, it's now a hole in the ground where Storey Park will go.

By 2012 Ron Cogswell was able to document that the Howard Theatre had been restored to its former glory. But Google shows us that in in 2009, that restoration was still a ways away.

In 2007, this building was NPR's headquarters. Now, it's a construction zone and just recovering from its status as enormous hole in the ground. Demolition shot from 2013 via Streets of Washington
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Louis At 14th

1920 14th Street NW , Washington, DC , 20009