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This $5.5M Home Was Designed By "New Old House" Architect

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Architect Russell Versaci's biggest claim to fame isn't crazy mansions like this, but nostalgia. His firm designs the factory-made Pennywise houses that are meant to resemble historic homes and he even wrote a book called, Creating A New Old House. This one on the other hand, is just a relatively new 5,933 square foot house with features that no Pennywise owner would even consider. There's an indoor pool and an outdoor tennis court. There's room in the garage for three cars. The landscaping is impeccable and you could fit the entire cast (or at least all of the finalists) of last season's Top Chef into that kitchen. So much for nods to history. That will be $5.495 million for this six bedroom monstrosity.
· 6461 Kedleston Court [Estately]
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