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CityCenter DC Is Becoming The Politico Condo Of Choice

Senator Claire McCaskill may still have the most expensive condo in CityCenter DC with her $2.7 million pad, but she's no longer the only famous politico moving to that mega-complex. Attorney General Eric Holder just bought a condo there as well for just under $1.5 million. Process of elimination has led us to this two bedroom 1,514 square foot condo as the likely new home of the attorney general, which would mean that he lives on the floor below Senator McCaskill. Ready to place bets on which CSPAN-celebrity will move in next? Possibly a Supreme Court Justice or a talking head from one of the major news networks? There's no shortage of possibilities considering that the condo building, which just started move-ins last year, is not yet full.
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City Center

1401 H street, Washington D.C., DC