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Another Reason D.C. Is Better Than Texas: Slower Rent Growth

For those new to the city, making fun of Texas (and Dallas in particular), is something of a local pastime here in the District. Sure, most of the ribbing centers around the rivalry between our football teams and D.C. also spends more than a little time dealing with comparisons to New York. However, here's a new reason to be glad that we're not in Texas: miraculously, our rental prices are not growing as quickly. Oh, D.C. rents are still increasing rapidly with tenants paying almost one third more in 2012 than they did in 2007 (when looking at median rent). Moreover, the rent in El Paso and Dallas suburb McKinney is certainly lower than ours. However, considering the cost of McKinney's median rent has nearly doubled in five years, it may not be lower than ours for long. Also of note, D.C. has extremely strong tenant laws. In conclusion, don't move outside of Dallas. That would be silly.
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